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Finding great followers on Twitter can be hard. This blog makes it a lot easier with the most current and active users showing up in my timeline. These are the people you need to have on your Twitter timeline. They get your timeline hopping and promo HARD !!! Give it a try !
The more your name gets out there, the bigger your account.

The more you mention me the higher you will be on the next list update.
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Follow kleopatra2009
Follow saferprint
Follow RichardBejah
Follow ItzTriggerGang_
Follow YouSocialiseMe
Follow perushop241
Follow newchristianbks
Follow jidf
Follow lauranovak
Follow tzadhiqua
Follow Brainessa
Follow tangledskein200
Follow rickytocol
Follow polymath22
Follow myexpresswebservices
Follow Sil_spadafora
Follow lookingatutoo
Follow mala_kondukta
Follow DonDivaAleySwag
Follow victorJ0579
Follow leemeade77
Follow FoxyRoxy_121
Follow mauberryka
Follow PomeranianMink
Follow iadviseLIFE
Follow maricG11
Follow TheGWU
Follow matchesmalone
Follow intellibitz
Follow ROSH1968
Follow allanmob
Follow hero10ize
Follow tornadabait
Follow Hiro_sound
Follow SocalBlaster
Follow SPArtyGirl74
Follow mcombes
Follow brucevickers1
Follow DJ_STEEL1
Follow TwiterHero
Follow shpoonkle
Follow cyberpunk
Follow richardbejah77
Follow straightalk
Follow futuretwitblog
Follow mcgeneral
Follow dolberti
Follow brucevickers
Follow WheresWiseey
Follow _iiSpeakTruth
Follow CertifiedCnote
Follow walkypagnanelli
Follow BackwardsAhead
Follow thecrazycanuck
Follow sutedjo88
Follow Mronehundred
Follow pedrozavala
Follow Roxanita67
Follow bushi_1020
Follow egyptiandiety
Follow GotLifeEnt
Follow woody7526
Follow Skycop1
Follow VisionGtv
Follow andriirwanto
Follow YoungMack2
Follow RoyImmanuelP
Follow Kaz_Smiley
Follow rootnl2k
Follow candy_sommers
Follow DeeDee_Bankz
Follow LiveFreeMrktng
Follow yel_Love
Follow iamalicyaptri
Follow mehnar
Follow FrassbLock
Follow LauriesPops
Follow poy1
Follow alefandino1972
Follow wenya007
Follow SleemShadyy
Follow PieceOfstar

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