Unfollow people who aren’t following you back on Twitter

I have been using many of the capabilities of ManageFlitter  (manageflitter.com) to manage my Twitter account over the past 2 years. One of the most popular features is that ManageFlitter offers a free and easy way unfollow people who aren’t following you back on Twitter. ManageFlitter allows you to do many Twitter account maintenance housekeeping tasks very quickly and easily including:

  • Unfollow people who aren’t following you back
  • Unfollow people without profile images (Eggs)
  • Unfollow Fake Followers (High chance of a spam account)
  • Identify Inactive, Talkative, and Quiet Twitter accounts
  • Get Back-up list of Twitter followers
  • Schedule tweet times when the most people are on-line to see it
  • Advanced Bio and Twitter searches

Once you sign-in through the Twitter interface, the system will load details about your Twitter account:

With the free interface, larger accounts like mine take about 90 minutes  to load since the present Twitter interface limits the amount of data sent about an account.  ManageFlitter offers a paid  ManageFlitter  Pro account which  bypasses this limitation by loading account information in the background which gives overall quicker access.  While waiting for it to load, I just compile more free twitter blog follower lists for http://twiterhero.blogspot.com

The following screen appears under the upper Unfollow tab that makes it easy to unfollow people who are not following you back. Press the  “ Not Following Back” button on the left hand side for the following screen:

Pressing the Fast Select button

displays up to 100 accounts images to be selected at a time for rapid account actions. The account images are selected by dragging a held down mouse button across the set of images.

Once the “Unfollow 100 Selected link is hit, more pages can be acted on by selecting the Page number or the “next > “ button above the images. It is a very fast and simple way to unfollow people who aren’t following you back. Remember though, Twitter limits the number of follows + unfollows daily totals for accounts  and failure to stay under the limit can put you in Twitter jail, or worse yet,  get your account suspended. Stay within the Twitter limits, which I believe are still around 1000 total per day.

According to the ManageFlitter website on the date this blog was written , ManageFlitter  has unfollowed 1,113,230,616 people for 1,465,181 users.  The speed, ease of use, and capabilities of the site make ManageFlitter a premium tool for managing a Twitter account; a tool that is worth retweeting about.


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