4 Ways of Finding Celebrities on Twitter & Facebook

This article provides information on places for finding celebrity Twitter and Facebook accounts. Twitter promotes following celebrity accounts but does not really show you how you can find the account name which is why I put together this post.

Many people use Google to try to find the Twitter names and FaceBook pages of celebrities. In fact, it is one of the most popular activities shown associated with the Twitter search term on Google. Currently, the following celebrities are being searched:

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1) Try Whosay.com

There is a large collection of celebrities registered on the site and only registered celebrities can use the site to enter pictures, videos, tweets, and Facebook information. The site is organized as a entertainment style directory catalog.

Clicking on the Members tab gives you a full list of all the celebrities in a category

The site even allows you to follow the Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels your favorite celebrity when you go on the page on the upper right hand side of each Twitter celebrity page:

Unfortunately, there is no search function so one must manually look through the categories to find some people.

2) Try TweetFind

TweetFind is another directory related service which lists Twitter accounts for everyone.

Once you log-in to the service, you can search for the celebrity name like Snoop Dog:

Like Twitter search, many accounts may appear that do not belong to the artist, so these need to be checked. A nice feature is that TweetFind shows the real time search results of the celebrity name.

3) Twitter Search
Using the account name search in Twitter will find many accounts, real, fans, and parody, of a celebrity. To make identifying real celebrity accounts easier, Twitter places a check mark in a blue cog by the avatar picture of the celebrity:

4) Try Twitaholic

Twitaholic is a directory related service that lists top follower twitter accounts and also allows users to search on known twitter names

All these ways have different advantages but they should allow you to track down an account of the celebrity you want to find.

PSS. Here's the links for the the most popular recent searches

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