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Favstar is a free service that shows user tweets that have been favorited ('starred') or retweeted in a user's timeline. You can also enter your own name in the search box to see how many times tweets have been selected by users.

The Twitter favorites feature is a handy way of keeping tracking of tweets seen in a timeline. I also use it to keep track of my own tweets, kinda like a bookmark, that I want to reference at a later time. The star/favorite button is located at the bottom of each tweet. When you click the star at the bottom of a tweet, it lights up a golden star and stores the message in your Favorites tab.

On the web client, the favorites tab is shown under the Profile tab. Pressing the Favorites tab below then shows all the tweets you have starred.

Favstar tracks whenever someone clicks the star or retweets your tweets. The Favstar site shows both the tweets and the number of times it has been starred and retweeted.This is a useful service to easily see the type of tweets your audience enjoys. Simply enter your name into the upper search box and it will display information about your account.

In the screen shot above, the FAVS count box on the left shows the number of times a tweet has been starred by Twitter users and the RT count box shows the the number of retweets. Also shown are the avatars of the users that have bestowed these honors. If you click name 'Most ReTweeted' link you'll get a display of which tweets users have retweeted the most.

Favstar also has premium pay features that allow you to vote for the tweet you appreciate the most. Whether you get these features or not, the Favstar application is a convenient way to periodically see what users are starring or retweeting from your timeline.

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