Which Twitter team hashtag is the most popular?

A hashtag is made by putting a '#' symbol in front of a word without spaces. Hash tags are an easy way to search for common areas of interest on Twitter. Recently, it has been written that 10% of Twitter does not know how hashtags work.

A hashtag term may be put in the search box to find recent tweets containing the hashtag text.

Once you hit the magnifying glass symbol, ( 0--- ) a listing of recent tweets is shown.

When groups of people use a common hashtag a hashtag subject or team forms. Certain team hash tags can be seen when users post messages with multiple hashtags.

I did a hashtag sampling to determine which team hashtags were the most popular, and as you can see, there is a big difference shown in the sampling.

#Tweets Term

54,183 #teamfollowback

3,057 #500aday

1, 737 #mustfollow

1,288 #taf

555 #ifollowback

205 #vipfollow

183 #teamautofollow

134 #shoutout

107 #instantfollow

70 #teamblackberry

68 #teamjamaican

49 #retweet

As shown, there is an big amount of difference in the amount of hashtag usage. A highly used hashtag leads to a potential audience with a greater number of exposures.

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  1. I hope you do a post about hashtags that involve fitness. But of course, that's my area of interest. I'm way too lazy (tech-challenged) to figure it out myself!